GCCBA – ASEESThe Art of performing tasks (Cultural )

Welcome to ASEES – The Art of Performing Tasks. ASEES, as the name suggests, is a blessing. It is the institution’s formal performing arts designed to inhibit skills amongst the students, apart from academics. The college is commerce oriented academically centred institute, ASEES attempts to fulfil the needs of the students on the co-curricular front. Since its inception, the group has been able to achieve several laurels both inter college and inter-city and has also proved its mettle by performing at various venues.


Students are enrolled in ASEES-THE ART OF PERFORMING TASKS under following categories through Talent hunt, interviews and observations :

1. ASEES – Fine Arts

2. ASEES – College Choir

3.  ASEES – Dance

4.  ASEES – Literary

5.  ASEES – Punjabi Dance

6.  ASEES – Theatre



ASEES fulfils the objectives both at micro and macro level.

Personality development: College’s utmost priority is to focus on the overall development of the student. ASEES aims at to explore their acting talent and tries to build in confidence to take the world head-on.

Showcase talent: Often there are students who have a particular talent but fail to find appropriate avenues to showcase them. ASEES realises this void and has always made available the best opportunities to its students at recognised avenues.

Endure new talent: ASEES has always worked on the upfront to accommodate new talent in the camp. Right from holding talent hunts in organising exclusive workshops, this group has done it all to enhance the potential in its students.

Profound knowledge: ASEES is bequeathing its students about knowledge on various issues.

Public Awareness: ASEES has evolved itself as a thought provoking group over time, directing itself to public welfare. Apart from the various performance that fetch the group applauds on its humour content, ASEES focuses on educating its target audience by delivering a social message with each of its act.

Broad education: ASEES widen the horizon of students. It does so by giving students a chance to explore the outside world and knowing its needs, grievances and issues.

First hand experience: ASEES provide students ample chances to gather primary experience in their respective field. It is a learning platform where students never go empty handed.

All in all, ASEES serves as an integral part of the college for overall development of the students so that they become the responsible citizens.












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